Digital Content and Convergence - Media of the future

What is the most populous country in the world? If you guesses China or India you are not wrong but did you know that there are over 2 billion Facebook users making it the largest virtual country in the world.

In times when the term 'Google it' is a verb used as part of our conversation saying the future is digital is a misnomer. The fact of the matter is that digital has arrived and is here to stay, the present is already digital.

With the click of a button or a swipe it is possible to reach an audience without any restriction. Digital Content Creation and distribution has made media a more democratic media. Content is King, the only thing required now is the right idea and the world is literally in the palm of your hands, thanks to smart phones. 

Creating digital content for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media is no longer the exception to the rule, it is the rule.

So how does one create content for digital platforms? Does quality matter? Will I be able to afford it? Should I go live or record it? Do I start my own channel or my own page? How do I get more views? Where do I go? Vibrant Pix has is a one stop solution to all these questions, this is where you will get a professional studio and work with professionals to create high quality digital content.

What facilities do we have for digital content

Vibrant Pix is a single window high quality production solution for digital content creation, whether you want to host a talk show, take cooking lessons, have a live video chat, make instructional videos or start your own channel, all you need to do is visit us put your make up on and start recording.
Our facilities include:
1) High Quality Cameras
2) ‎Live streaming for Facebook and YouTube
3) ‎Green Matte Background for Shoots
4) ‎High Quality Lighting and Audio

What we can do for you

Why do you need professionals? Unless you are a celebrity, the fact is that following basic production hygiene and having good lighting along with crisp clean audio goes a long way in making digital content more watchable. A well made video adds to the credibility of the content as audiences appreciate the effort put to get through to them.

Hiring a professional crew and location for a shoot is not logistically viable or economically feasible. What we do is provide a holistic solution under one roof to give you the opportunity to create the best content with minimal hassle.

So what are you waiting for, come to Vibrant Pix today.